Yutong Zhang Managing Director

Yutong Zhang is a Managing Director with GSR Ventures, where she focuses on early-stage investments in the mobile internet, enterprise service and artificial intelligence sectors. Prior to GSR Ventures, Yutong was VP of Operations for Funplus, a global leading social and mobile game company. She also worked at Samsung Electronics as an engineer, earning experience in hardware and software development for mobile devices. Yutong has extensive consulting and research experience through advisory work for BDA. She holds an MS degree in Management Science and Engineering from Stanford University, and a BS in E.E. from Tsinghua University. At Stanford, she was the president of the Chinese Entrepreneur Organization ("CEO”), where she contributed to the creation of one of the earliest summer innovation internship programs at Stanford. Yutong was named "Outstanding Young VC Investor of the Year 2019” by China Renaissance and featured on the Forbes Midas Brink List in 2020.

Featured Companies


Xiaohongshu is a leading online community and e-commerce platform, where users share and discover trending lifestyles, riding along the wave of consumption upgrade in China. Xiaohongshu’s user-generated content community allows users to share and explore diversified and individualized lifestyles, posted in the form of live streaming, short videos, pictures, and texts. The contents range from fashion, beauty, travel, food, and entertainment. Xiaohongshu boasts more than 200 million users, influencers, and celebrities. Xiaohongshu provides a complete marketing and e-commerce solution for its brand partners, including data insight, content marketing, traffic reach, and closed-loop transactions. 


(Acquired by Xilinx - NASDAQ: XLNX) DeePhi Tech is a recognized leader in deep learning acceleration. They provide end-to-end solutions utilizing deep compression technology and a deep-learning processor unit platform. Through synergistic optimization of neural networks and FPGAs, DeePhi provides more efficient, convenient and economical inference platforms for both the server-side and embedded end, including but not limited to data centers and surveillance cameras.


MokaHR is a big data and AI-enabled HR SaaS provider focused on application tracking and candidate relationship management. From screening potential applicants to talent retention, MokaHR provides solutions for the full hiring cycle. Using machine learning and pattern matching, MokaHR learns enterprises' recruitment behavior data and conducts big data statistics and analysis, so as to help enterprises better understand industry trends, identify the right candidates, and retain those talents. Notable clients include McDonald's, Zhihu, Xiaomi, Momo, Burger King, Sogou and many more. 


Black Lake Technologies is revolutionizing manufacturing enterprises through mobile-, IoT- and web-based collaboration platforms that acquire, visualize, monitor and analyze real time manufacturing data. Its platform enables factory staff (from top management to assembly line workers) to conveniently collaborate, interpret data, extract insights, and take immediate actions.


Encoo Technology is an intelligent RPA platform company. It is committed to offering automation solutions to industries such as finance, energy, telecom, and manufacturing. They empower businesses via RPA, boosting their operational efficiency, improving the value of human power and accelerating digital reform. 


Recurrent.ai provides AI-enabled corporate services to improve sales efficiency. Through a full set of self-study engine sales dialogue analysis system, it helps companies to transfer sales, customer service and customer dialogue from voice to text, providing full machine quality inspection and sales efficiency optimization. Core functions such as customer portrait records and fully automatic generation of big data dialogue analysis reports help companies reduce time and labor costs, increase sales conversion rate, and effectively drive decision-making.


Infimind, founded in 2017, is an AI technology solutions provider in the fashion industry. With a large amount of fashion data and world leading computer vision algorithms and engineering capabilities, we are committed to bringing the vision of “Fashion For Good” to life, making fashion cooler and truly realizing a digital and intelligent transformation in the fashion sector.


Bosie is a gender-neutral, fast-fashion designer brand for men and women. The brand hopes to use its unique design styles to break boundaries and present an exclusive character for its consumers.


DataCloak offers virtualized and secure workspace solutions based on a zero-trust IT security framework, helping enterprises accelerate their digital transformation and maintain hyper-secure control of both internal and external users. With their affordable, zero-retrofitting cybersecurity solutions, DataCloak helps customers upgrade their IT infrastructure to meet cloud native security standards.


LingXi Technology is a first-of-its-kind artificial intelligence service platform that helps companies achieve their sales goals by CPS. Its exclusive causal AI technology utilizes cognitive intelligence to predict and support strategic decisions, covering the closed-loop sales from first contact to final transaction. By combining human and AI sales capabilities, LingXi Brain helps businesses achieve a multi-fold increase in efficiency and effectiveness.


ZeroZero, also known as HoverCamera is a forward-thinking robotics company pioneering the future of smart flying robotics that empower people to enhance their lives. HoverCamera offers longer battery life, greater portability, and reduced noise. Their products include Passport, Falcon etc.


Hashdata is a cloud-native data warehouse provider. The team has built a distributed architecture that decouples computation from storage while maintaining 100% compatibility with the SQL standard, delivering data analysis services with high speed, low cost, and instant elasticity.

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