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Pipei Huang is a Partner at GSR Ventures, where he focuses on investments in new retail, new forms of consumption, internet, artificial intelligence, and technological innovation.
Prior to joining GSR Ventures, Pipei was a serial entrepreneur and a senior director for Alibaba, where he led the development of a first-of-its-kind personalized homepage recommendation system for mobile Taobao and live broadcast. Pipei was awarded the Alibaba Group's highest technology award for his work on the project. Additionally, he has worked on research efforts with Microsoft Asia, Google and Tencent.
Pipei currently serves as the executive president of Hotmaxx, where he hopes to reshape the traditional retail industry using state-of-the-art internet technology. With a Ph.D. in artificial intelligence and several patents to his name, Pipei is a leading expert on big data and algorithms and has published papers in the world's top academic conference journals, including KDD, AAAI, IROS, IFAC, CIKM, and more.

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Hotmaxx relies on the strength of its supply chain to meet emerging consumer demands while also providing affordable, authentic and fast-moving products. Popular among young white-collar workers, the Company enhances the operational potential of traditional retailers through information technology and big data analysis, deeply integrating the supply chain and improving circulation efficiency.

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