Allen Zhu Managing Director

Allen Zhu is a Managing Director with GSR Ventures, where he focuses on investments in early-stage companies in the internet, mobile and new media sectors. Allen has rich experience in software product development and global expansion. Prior to GSR Ventures, he co-founded eBaoTech, a leading provider of insurance core back-end systems. He has also worked for McKinsey Greater China, where he earned deep consulting and implementation experience. Allen holds an MA degree in international economics from Fudan University, and a BS in telecom from Shanghai Jiaotong University.

Featured Companies


Didi Chuxing is a leading one-stop mobile transportation platform, providing a variety of services to 550 million users across Asia, Latin America, and Australia, including taxis, shared rides, luxury rides, bus rides, designated drivers, corporate rides, bike sharing, scooter sharing, car services, food delivery, and a myriad of other innovative services. On Didi's platform, tens of millions of car owners and drivers are able to find flexible job and income opportunities, transporting more than 10 billion passengers annually.


(Acquired by Alibaba) Founded in Shanghai in 2008, Ele.me is China's leading lifestyle platform. The online food delivery platform covers 2,000 cities across the country, with 1.3 million restaurant partnerships and 260 million users.


Leading Smart is China's leading data center and enterprise AI decision-making platform provider. The company helps enterprises integrate big data, IoT, knowledge graph and multi-modal artificial intelligence technology, so as to display the most accurate data to decision makers and effectively connect people to machines. Leading Smart helps enterprises optimize operations and push us toward a world where people and computers work seamlessly alongside each other.


Launched in June 2016, Lycheer is a free online education platform that serves 3 million lecturers producing tens of millions of courses. It boasts a variety of content formats, with everything from live video and live voice to pre-recorded video and audio. Since 2019, Lycheer has developed new platform-generated adult education courses and technical education courses.


Founded in 2016, Music.le pioneered the "live online one-on-one music training” platform technology, providing piano, violin, accordion and other 38 music instrument practice services. Currently, the platform serves nearly 100 countries, and aims to better the music education industry in both China and globally, so that every child can have a valuable learning experience during every practice session.


Shanghai DZH (SHA: 601519) is a financial information service provider, committed to using software terminals as a carrier and the internet as a platform to provide investors with timely and professional financial data and data analysis. 


Xiaodian is a leader in the "Internet of Things + Electronic Charging Service” sector, committed to solving mobile phone users' "no-power panic” pain point outside the home. Currently, Xiaodian covers roughly 1600 cities in China, with 200 million users. It has a market advantage in first- and second-tier cities, and is also accelerating expansion into third- and fourth-tier cities.


Xingsheng Selected is a community group buying platform that relies on community-based offline convenience stores to meet the daily needs of household consumers through a new "online order and offline pick-up” retail model. The platform provides fresh vegetables, fruits, meat and poultry, seafood, common staples, seasoning, and other general merchandise, generating a GMV exceeding 10 billion RMB in 2019.


Inke is China's leading mobile live broadcast platform. The company's mission is "to make happiness simpler" with a vision of "video-nizing entertainment." Inke's app was launched in May 2015 and provides users with a real-time interactive platform for entertainment and socializing. In July 2018, Inke was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (stock code 3700). Since then, Yingke has continued to strategically grow its social and interactive entertainment components while actively expanding its business into audio entertainment, dating and social networking.


Hotmaxx relies on the strength of its supply chain to meet emerging consumer demands while also providing affordable, authentic and fast-moving products. Popular among young white-collar workers, the Company enhances the operational potential of traditional retailers through information technology and big data analysis, deeply integrating the supply chain and improving circulation efficiency.


Lanhu is revolutionizing the Digital Creation Economy with a full slate of digital product life-cycle management services, from product research to design & development. Lanhu provides powerful cloud-based collaborative tools and total life-cycle solutions with a penetration rate of over 98% in China's top-tier internet companies, serving more than 500,000 digital product design and development teams. Lanhu’s newest product, MasterGo, offers science and technology teams a one-stop collaborative interface design platform. Looking forward, Lanhu aims to expand rapidly, introduce more cutting-edge products, and establish a global presence as a world-class cloud software company.

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